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Texas Statute of Limitations for Criminal Offenses

Texas Statute of Limitations for Criminal Offenses

If someone has alleged that you have committed a crime in the Richardson and Dallas area, there are a few things you need to know about the statute of limitation under  Texas law, which Texas has a statute of limitation for most crimes. The statute of limitations limits the amount of time the State can hold an individual accountable for an alleged crime. There are certain crimes to which the statute of limitations does not apply but the time-frame for prosecution of most crimes in the Texas are restricted by the statute of limitations. Below are a list of certain crimes and the corresponding time-range for the statute of limitations.


Crime Statute of Limitation Period
Murder; manslaughter; sexual assault where DNA evidence indicates that the perpetrator is not a person whose identity can be readily ascertained; sexual assault of a child; continuous sexual abuse of a child; indecency with a child. No Limitation Period. An individual may be charged with one of these enumerated crimes forever.
Theft by a fiduciary; forgery; injury to an elderly or disabled person punishable as a first-degree felony; and arson. 10 Year Period.
Money laundering; credit card abuse; false statement to obtain property or credit; fraudulent use or possession of an ID. 7 Year Period.
Theft; Burglary; robbery; kidnapping; abandoning or endangering a child; insurance fraud. 5 Year Period.
Felonies other than those specifically mentioned. 3 Year Period.
Misdemeanors (DWI, Public Intoxication, Minor in Possession) 2 Year Period.


The Statute of Limitations for criminal conduct is a safeguard to ensure that an individual does not have live his entire life in fear of being prosecuted. More often than not this is not an issue because if a District Attorney wishes to prosecute an individual it will take place while the evidence is fresh and the witnesses still remember the facts.

If you have been arrested in the Richardson and Dallas area for a crime committed long ago find an experienced criminal law attorney and see if the statute of limitation is applicable. The key to enforcing your rights is knowing your rights.

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