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Felony Defense


A Felony can be devastating in multiple ways within the Dallas and Richardson areas. A Felony conviction can affect your family, your job opportunities, your voting rights, and finally your right to bear arms. When facing down a felony charge you need loyalty. You need an attorney that will put your interests first whether it be making a Plea deal or going to trial. What is the best interest of the Client, that is the first question I ask in every case. You will never question the loyalty of this attorney.


A District attorney responds to strength. When facing a charge of burglary, possession of a control substance, or homicide you need an attorney that will not compromise your rights or your freedom. When the facts are not on your side and your case appears weak that is when it is most important to show strength. Even if the facts are not in our favour you can rely on me to be the pillar of your foundation.


Aggressive representation is pivotal to obtaining a good outcome. A felony charge has the potential to ruin your reputation, career, and relationships. You need an aggressive attorney willing to take a case to trial rather than settle for scraps the District Attorney is willing to offer. I will always promise that my clients will receive aggressive representation to ensure their rights are protected and their innocence proven.


Type of FelonyFineSentencing
Capital FelonyN/A(1) Life without parole or death penalty if older than 18
(2) Life if under 18.
Felony 1st DegreeNot to exceed $10,000.00(1) Life or
(2) any term not to exceed 99 years and not less than 5 years.
Felony 2nd DegreeNot to exceed $10,000.00Any term not to exceed 20 years and not less than 2 years.
Felony 3rd DegreeNot to exceed $10,000.00Any term not to exceed 10 years and not less than 2 years.
State Jail FelonyNot to exceed $10,000.00Any term not to exceed 2 years and not less than 180 days.

The most serious offenses consist of a Capital Felony. If you have been charged with murder Texas may seek the death penalty and life in prison without parole. This is a serious offense for your freedom may be taken away.

Manslaughter is a lesser offense than murder. If you recklessly caused the death of an individual then you will be charged with a 2nd degree felony. Many of these cases fall into the categories of car wrecks, hunting accidents, or any actions that show a substantial and unjustifiable risk was taken that lead to another person’s death.

Possession of controlled substances can lead you to an array of felony punishments depending on which category. The type of controlled substance combined with the aggravated weight in possession at the time of the arrest will determine the felony punishment range.

Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon that leads to serious bodily injury is classified as a 2nd degree felony but may be increased to a 1st degree Felony if the assault is committed against a public servant or if the assault was committed during a drive-by shooting.

Burglary may be punished by a State-Jail felony, 2nd degree felony, or a 1st degree felony depending on the circumstances of the burglary. If you break into a building that was not a place of habitation, such as an office building, then the punishment is a State-Jail Felony. If you break into a premises of habitation(house) then the punishment is a 2nd degree felony. If you break into a habitation and commit another felony or intend to commit another felony other than theft then you are eligible for a 1st degree felony.

The criminal laws of Texas are complex and the felony sentencing are determined on the specific fact pattern that is unique to each situation. The police in the Dallas and Richardson area know the penal code and know how to extract information that will open you up to a felony conviction. Please, if you are facing a felony conviction do not hesitate to call the Nacol Law Firm. The first step to enforcing your rights is knowing your rights.